La Chosa del Manglar
150 meters west of the Airfield
Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Puntarenas, 60702, Costa Rica
506 2735 5002
506 2735 5605
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La Chosa del Manglar - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

At La Chosa del Manglar you are guaranteed to see wildlife. How certain are we? Well, have you ever sat around a tropical lounge and seen a Scarlet Macaw, Monkey, Toucan, Caiman, Tanager, Flycatcher, Anteater, Coati, Mapache or Kinkajou? You can at "La Chosa". Many guests have said they see more wildlife at La Chosa del Manglar than at any other location during their entire Costa Rica vacation. Visiting la Chosa is like visiting a cross between a botanical garden and a zoo without cages. No place else in town can offer this kind of lifelong memory. It's definitely worth paying just a little bit more money for so much more of an experience. At la Chosa we don't just rent you a place to sleep, we offer you "flora and fauna extraordinaire". Come and see for yourself. We're sure you won't be disappointed. Bring your cameras and be sure to check out our photo gallery before you arrive.

  • Scarlet Macaw flying out of the common buildung at La Chosa del Manglar - Puerto Jimenez - Osa Peninsula - Corcovado National Park

We reopened in February of 2014 after being closed for five years. We built some new accommodations during that time. We believe they will offer our visitors greater variety and comfort while staying at La Chosa. Come and stay with us, whether for just a few days or a few weeks. We are only a five minute walk to downtown Puerto Jimenez and only 300 meters from one of the nicest beaches here. Gentle waves will lull you on our beautiful chocolate sand beaches, cavorting Scarlet Macaws will fly and play throughout the gardens of La Chosa. This is truly a birders paradise. You don't even have to leave your room or cabin to see impressive Macaws, Toucans, Tanagers and many other varieties of exotic birds that visit the property.

Don't forget to spend some time in the lounge decorated with beautiful hand painted murals that showcase the intimate & world famous "Monkey Bar" now with newly installed transparent roof for enhanced monkey viewing. The bar is yours to enjoy as you please. It has been converted to a communal bar as has the kitchen. We listened to our guests and they basically told us that they wanted to socialize without being waited upon, so the whole place is now yours to use. Please enjoy it as we have over the years.

Tropical Adventures of a Lifetime

Monkeys playing in the garden